Rocket League (3v3) Info


The tournament will be held on Saturday 5th!


The games will be streamed from here at 6 PM CET (18:00 Norway / 16:00 Iceland): – (They speak English)


The semi finals will start at approx. 16:20 Icelandic time and 18:20 Norwegian time

The finals will start at approx. 17:30 Icelandic time and 19:30 Norwegian time

As a start you can make sure you have Discord and Challengermode ready


You can join the Nordic E-Sport United channel by this link –

Remember to use your Team name on Discord (example: TEAM NAME – NICKNAME)

Be ready on the discord server at 14.30 (Icelandic time) / 16.30 (Norwegian time) on Saturday!

If you have questions you can find a support channel in your language on the discord servers:

Norway discord support channel =
Iceland discord support channel =
Danish discord support channel =