CS:GO 5v5 info


1st = Station10
(wins a specially designed Nordic E-Sport United winner Tshirt + Skins with winner nametag)
2nd = Íslenska Anime Samfélagið
(wins skins with 2nd-place nametag)
3rd = AusMac
(wins skins)


1st = Lummusníkir
(wins skins with b-winner nametag)
2nd = Chubby Tiger
(wins skins)

Denmark = https://www.twitch.tv/hextag_ (They speak Danish)

Iceland = https://www.twitch.tv/samfes (They speak English)

Follow the progress of the matches, when it all begins here:

A-Tournament (from groupstage 2):

Format and Time-schedule:

Starttime = 19.10 (danish/norway time) – remember Iceland is 2 hours behind (so here it starts at 17.10!)

First group stage:
4 groups with 4 teams.
Everyone plays 3 games (Best of 1) with a 10 min. break between each match.
The top 2 teams in each group will proceed to the next group stage on saturday*.
The others can take part in a B-tournament with a new group stage and elimination afterward on saturday (link has been sent to contactpersons).

Second Group stage (A-tournament):

2 Groups with 4 teams (playing 3 matches – best of 1).
Playing times will be (danish/norway time):
And 13.30

Top 2 teams goes to semifinals. 

The Semifinals is played at 16.00 (danish/norway time) – (not before!) (Best of 3 matches). 

The Final is played at 19.00 (danish/norway time) – (not before!) (Best of 3 matches).

*When the group stages end, if there are tied teams, the number of tied participants is reduced or divided into several groups of tied participants, the still tied participants will in each case be compared again starting with the first point.

1. Points amassed between the tied participants (direct match win > direct match loss)
2. Round score difference between the tied participants (23:21 > 23:22)
3. Number of round wins between the tied participants (24:22 > 23:21)
4. Overall round score difference (39:31 > 40:33)
5. Overall number of round wins (40:32 > 39:31)

If you have questions you can find a support channel in your language on the discord servers:

Norway discord support channel = https://discord.gg/cYH69J8S
Iceland discord support channel = https://discord.gg/9SmZj9Tq
Danish discord support channel = https://discord.gg/qQeucarn