Nordic E-Sport United (June 2021) is done for now! Thank you everybody who was a part of it! See you in June 2022 💪

For info on Winnners and more go here:

CS:GO 5v5

Fortnite (Solo and Duo)

Rocket League (3v3)

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What is Nordic E-Sport United?

Nordic E-Sport United is a 2-days online e-sport event for members of youth organizations from Ungdomsringen (Denmark), Samfés (Iceland) and Ungdom og Fritid (Norway) in the age of 13 to 25 (some tournaments may have other age litmits).

At the event you can compete in CS:GO (5v5 or Wingman), Fortnite (Solo and Duo) or Rocket League (3v3).
Or you can participate in the event through the live streaming, which can include smaller competitions and viewergames as well for you as a spectator.
Other games may also be included in the event if we find a need to add it.

The event had it’s first run in november 2020, and the next events are planned to take place in the first weekend (friday and saturday) of june and november.